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Grahams Natural Alternatives offer relief for eczema, psoriasis and skin conditions worldwide.

Here are some comments from eczema and psoriasis sufferers like you:

......I know you have received many testimonials about your products but I really have to thank you for changing our lives. Our 6 year old daughter Maddie started school this year and for the first time in 5 ½ years she interacted with children without being treated like she was diseased. Throughout her life she has been in daycare, kindy and pre-school and children and parents have looked at her like she was some kind of freak. It was to the point where parents would complain about her skin – obviously concerned that it might be infectious to their child. Her Eczema was so bad that she would scratch until it got infected. Her arms and legs would swell and for many years she has been on antibiotics to clear it up. Not to mention the cortisone creams which have dramatically affected the pigmentation in her skin.
I was telling a colleague at work about this and he sent me your flyer. After calling and speaking to your extremely helpful staff, I located a health store and purchased the Calendula cream and the bath oil. 5 days was all it took. 5 years of suffering and 5 days to fix it with your products. I took Maddie to my GP to show him the results and he was completely blown away.
Apart from relieving Maddie of this nightmare, you have allowed me to sleep without having to get up to a crying, irritated child EVERY night.
Maddie thanks you, I thank you and my family thanks you.
Kindest regards,
Kellie M. - Cashmere, QLD.

...........For 4 years I have been dealing with out breaks of eczema on and off on certain areas of my face. I have tried the different types of prescription creams the dermatologist has recommended but to no avail. My food consumption is 90% organic, I cut out dairy products, cut down my wheat intake and took certain supplements but my eczema would still come back. I really think, in my situation, stress is the main factor that causes most my outbreaks. Some of the research explains that stress can trigger eczema outbreaks. I just wanted to thank you for a great product that produces results. I tested the Calendulis Plus Cream on my face. I applied the cream at 3:30 pm, 48 hours later my face felt and looked great. All the areas on my face that had itchy red patches cleared up 48 hours. I also purchased the Mega Oil from you guys and I'm taking it once a day. Hopefully, in time I will only have to take the Mega Oil and use the CPC every so often. I thought the results of the Calendulis Plus Cream were so good that I purchased another order within days of my results. This time I want to try the shampoo and see if this will help my dry scalp that I get once in awhile. I wish you success on these natural alternative products that come from nature.
Thanks again, Audie


....Hi, my name is Sharon C,
I am 36 years old and have been suffering with Ichthyosis vulgaris since birth. This skin disease has been very hard to live with both socially and medically. I have tried it all - there is no cure - but it has been a constant search to find a product that alleviates the symptoms. I have always had a problem with eczema which aggravates the ichthyosis. So I want to say this....THANK YOU! I have been using the soap, the bath oil and the calendula cream for several months now and for the first winter EVER!!! I have not broken out with really bad eczema.
Finally something that works. And all because I was at a friends place and she had the TV on and Good Morning Australia was on and I noticed your infomercial. It was meant to be I'm sure because I never watch it at home.
Thanks again.
Regards,Sharon C.

....Just wanting to say a BIG thank you for the bath oil that you have.
I was a little apprehensive to use it on my son as I was convinced it would be another dud that I have tried on his skin. But on the first time of using it I could notice a big difference with his skin. He suffers extremely bad with eczema, so I am so Thankful that this oil is out there to help children with these terrible skin conditions.
Kindest regards, Donna W. TAS

My husband had been suffering from psoriasis for most of his adult life, sometimes chronically, (he had eczema as a baby too). He has been using your Mega Oil along with the Calendulis Cream for the past few months with amazing results, as you would know. He no longer needs the cream but still has a tablespoon of the oil every night. Is it necessary to keep taking it every day or can it be taken 2 or 3 times a week.
Regards, Robyn.

....Thankyou for the reply regarding my 10 month old daughters eczema the advice was very helpful.
I have now been using the cream on her for 2 days and the result has been fantastic. The redness is nearly gone and her cheeks are starting to look great after months of looking horrible and bleeding. Thank you so much for a great product. I'm off to get the bath oil and mega oil tomorrow. Hopefully to keep the eczema totally under control. Once again thankyou so much!
..Jodie F

.....Hello my name is Katie and I am 21years old,
Since I was born I have had psoriasis and eczema on my body and through my hair, for many years there has not been anything that could help me whether it be natural or a prescribed medicine till my mum told me about your products, now I use them every day. I have only been using them for a month and yet have found a huge improvement and am no longer in pain because of it. So I just wanted to thank you for changing my life!!!!
Kind Regards, Katie...Condon Qld

.....I am writing to you to let you know the relief our 20 month old son has experienced since using your products. We use the cream, bath oil and shampoo. He has had eczema since being only a few months old. We would constantly find blood on his sheets, clothes and under his fingernails. He would wake constantly at night and we would have to take him into our bed where he would lie awake scratching for hours. His skin is lot clearer, he is sleeping better and the odd flare up is minimal. He is a much happier little boy.
Thankyou so much, Naomi - Victoria

....Hi Geoff,
Just wanted to thank you for your product. My baby was suffering from eczema on her scalp from 3 months of age, which everyone told me was just 'cradle cap'. It wasn't until I saw a third doctor (after several weeks of Gracie continually rubbing her head) that I was told that it was eczema. It was very red, crusty in the mornings, and inflamed and it needed cortisone. Being a first time mum, I'm learning really fast to trust my instincts. That's when I placed an order with you for the calendula plus cream and bath oil. The cortisone healed the infection, and as soon as your products arrived, I started using the calendula plus cream on her. It wasn't oily as I had expected, it just soaked right in. Even my husband is impressed with the bath oil, as he bathes her and has already noticed how much softer and "baby-like" her skin is. He wants me to keep a few bottles here to makes sure we don't run out - that is how good he thinks your product is. Our baby instantly changed back to her happy little self. She even started cackling, she was just so happy. Which makes me feel sad cause I could've helped her sooner had I known what was wrong with her skin. I noticed a little bit of eczema starting on her ankles and in the crease of her ears, so I put the calendula cream on, and it just disappeared!!! Your product is brilliant!! Like I said before, my baby is just so much more happier now, and I want to thank you for developing products which have taken the pain and irritability away from our babes. Makes me happy to know that she is happy now.

Just a quick question - the bath oil, can I use it as a massage oil for my baby?? Or is it too strong?? Or are you going to develop a massage oil soon...??
Kind regards, Kate M.

....Hi Geoff,
Thank you for your advise, I purchased some cream straight away for my daughters feet. She doesn't wake in the middle of the night with itchy feet anymore. Her feet have healed well, we will continue to use the cream every night. Thank you again for your help.
Linda S. deepest thanks to you for your products. I have used it twice and he's already 100% better. We are all reaping the benefits.
thank you so much. Kim E.

.....Good Morning Geoff,
I just received my 2 JARS! of free cream from you. I am truly grateful for this, and I thankyou very much. I feel like I have won lotto! ha-ha. Truly, when you haven't got your health, money means nothing does it, and you have saved many people from living with terrible skin conditions. Health is number 1. You should be very proud of your achievement, and again I wish you every success in the future. I know I will never be using any other product again on my skin. Why would you? Having started with your cream initially, I started using your soap as well, and will now go and buy the hair products and the internal supplements your provide as well.

Well, sorry if I sound 'over the top', but this really is a good thing. Especially looking in your flyer, the help to your son and all the other children's/babies skin you've helped is INVALUABLE!. What a difference to their lives, no more itching, grumpy Mums and Dads etc..haha

So thankyou again, and if you ever need some flyers or anything like that distributed around the area I live, please let me know, I would only be too happy to oblige.
Best regards, Jennifer C - WYNNUM QLD


......Dear Geoff,
I emailed you about a month ago for information re Grahams. I talked my daughter into trying your shampoo, conditioner and oil. She is just amazed at the results and how quickly they kicked and helped her scalp problem. She has made the comment several times just how much better she feels especially when she has suffered for over three years. She was also under the care of skin specialist for the last 18 months. She has returned to Sweden for another 5 months and stocked up on extra shampoo. Thank you for the great products and results.

Regards, Alison L.

......I wrote to you a few weeks ago, well I went out and brought a 150g jar of calendulis plus cream, as you may know I was skeptical on whether this would make any difference. The first time we did a test patch to see how that would go. In half an hour the redness had almost gone, so I applied more covering the whole body before bed. I think this was my daughters first night sleep right through. It eased the itch so much. In the morning there was a great difference, I could see her skin improving as the hours went by. I applied more cream three times a day for the next week and oh my god, she has such soft skin she tells every one to touch her. She is so excited she sits there on the couch touching her face and legs’ always reminding me, her skin is softer than mine. Now 2 and half weeks have past, friends and family are commenting on how good her skin looks. Now I’m putting cream on once every 2 days as I don’t need to use it as much. I just can’t believe how quickly this product worked. All I can say is, this is a bloody miracle, and you will get my vote for Australia of the Year because what you have done for thousands of people suffering with this problem. You deserve some real recognition, they should make a statue in your honour called the “calendulis saviour”…

yours truly….Donna R. Vic THANKYOU!!


......Our 7 month old daughter has had terrible eczema since she was 6 weeks old. We endured many months of sleepless nights, as she cried out in pain and discomfort. Every morning there would be blood on her sheets from her constant scratching. Then a friend introduced us to your cream. Within 1 day we saw an amazing turn around, so much so that we have come to call it magic cream!

Thank you so much. We have a new baby, that is eczema free and sleeping 12 hours a night!

 Regards, Samantha R, Brighton, Vic.

......Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou for the Calendulis Plus Cream. I have tried everything prescribed and nothing has done the job until now and I have got so much relief it is amazing. I just put in an order for more just in case. Once again thank you so much.

Regards Ann K. Moranbah, Qld.


......As per our phone conversation today regarding your products, I am writing to inform you that it has helped my nine year old daughter with Eczema which she has had, from the age of five. I had used many other products during this time such as Pinetarsol Solution, Hexal Clotreme Anti Fungal Cream and Pevaryl Foaming Solution just to name a few. I found that nothing worked as quick or as great as your products.

I found that my daughter had relief with in two to three days. Seeing as your products have worked so well I passed it on to a friend’s wife who has also suffered from Eczema for over twenty years. She also found relief from your products pretty much immediately and now has passed on to her friends and relatives how well GRAHAMS NATURAL ALTERNATIVES products work.

I have used the following products Calendulis Plus Cream, Grahams Bath Oil, Grahams Natural Soap, Shampoo & Conditioner and Mega Oil. I find that all your products are fantastic and do exactly what they say they are going to do. I will dependently be recommending your product to everyone I know.

 Kind regards, Darren D, Gladstone, Qld.

......I’m writing to thank you for your wonderful “Calendulis Plus Cream”, by chance I saw you on TV. I was skeptical at first because I have tried EVERYTHING, doctor’s creams, people advice etc. I was and still am amazed at the quick result (marked improvement after 24 hours). Thank you for your wonderful effort at producing something that finally works!!

From a grateful customer, Susi C. New Norfolk, Tas.
 Hooray! Hopefully no more trips to the doctor.



......Having tried a number of creams and ointments for eczema or dermatitis, mainly on my back, I experienced no relief to stop the itch, until my daughter obtained a jar of Calendulis Plus Cream made up by Grahams Natural Alternatives Pty Ltd.  This has certainly been a godsend to me, and immediately stopped the itching (after 10 years of it !!).

Thank you Mr. G. Graham,

Truthfully yours...Fred S..... Robina, Qld.


......To Geoff and Staff,
I just wanted to let you know that I put the Calendulis Plus cream into my daughters hair Monday night.  Tuesday morning I got her up to go to school and 95 percent of the psoriasis had lifted. ....... I have already recommended this product to many others as I speak very highly of it. From both my daughter and myself,  THANKYOU.



.......I am writing to tell you about how pleased we are with your products.
My 22 year old son suffered a persistent skin condition in his groin and trunk area.  This had gone on for nearly a year. This was treated with many prescription creams including Cortisone, which actually burned his skin.

I obtained the soap bar, the oil and the calendulis cream and insisted he give it a try.  Within a month it was clear and itch free.  We are absolutely thrilled with the result. Also it is a natural product that won't harm his skin long term.  As a young child he suffered greatly with excema. I wish we had known of these amazing products then.

The whole family intends to now use these products as we have the tendency to allergy and dry skin conditions.  Thank you again for making such an affordable and wonderful product.

Alice Y.... Diamond Creek, Vic.


........Your products have been a life saver over the last few months.

Our 7 month old son has suffered from eczema since birth and I followed all the doctors orders but no product gave him any relief until I started using the cream and bath oil, after seeing you on Mornings with Kerri Anne.

Once again, thank you for your wonderful products.

Sharlene R..... Coorparoo, Qld.


.......Our 7 month old daughter has had terrible eczema since she was 6 weeks old. We endured many months of sleepless nights, as she cried out in pain and discomfort. Every morning there would be blood on her sheets from constant scratching.

Then a friend introduced us to your cream. Within 1 day we saw an amazing turn around, so much so that we have come to call it magic cream !

Thank you so much. We have a new baby that is eczema free and sleeping 12 hours a night !

Samantha R.......... Brighton, Vic.


..... a big Thank You for Calendulis Plus Cream.  I have suffered very bad eczema on hands & legs for over 4 years now & with little help from doctors.  Sometimes the itching & burning sensations have been so bad I have been in tears.......  I read your article in a magazine a couple of weeks ago & thought I'd give it a go.

Within a couple of days the itching & redness had nearly gone & I can enjoy the winter more without being in constant pain.  My hands don't look ugly anymore & I can wear my rings again.

What a gift you have given your child & yourself by making this magic cream & what a gift you have given many other sufferers.

...Always thankful.......Tammi-Lynn A..... Nanango, Qld.


.....I have suffered with the most dreadful hands for two years now. Am 60 years old. .... I have spent hundreds and hundreds of dollars on prescription creams all to no avail. .... A friend told me about your cream....Within 24 hrs of treatment I swear a miracle happened. I suddenly realized I haven't scratched or had to hide my hands from view. Day by day my hands healed, within a fortnight my hands were smooth. I can't thank you enough for producing this wonderful cream. ..... I have the occasional outbreak and I immediately apply a little cream and the next day symptoms have gone.

Again, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Moira H..... Soldiers Point, NSW


.....Evaluation of Psoriasis following treatment with Calendulis Plus topical cream.

Evaluation began with a physical assessment and wound tracing of the largest areas of psoriasis covering the lower legs and elbows. Other affected areas included the chest, back, scalp and buttocks. At the initial assessment the affected area on the calves was covered with red raised papules and scales. Treatment began with the application of Calendulis plus cream to the left lower leg only.

Following two weeks of daily application of Calendulis plus to the left leg, the area was free of papules and scales, but remained reddened. The intensity of itching had eased. The right leg remained untreated for comparison and remained unchanged from the initial assessment.

Evaluation of the treated area at two weekly intervals for six weeks revealed a marked improvement in the symptoms of itching and condition of the skin.

Thanking you.......Julie Bosgra RN BN


........Calendulis Plus Cream the only cream on the market that relieves Eczema.

My daughter who is now 10 years old has suffered with Eczema since she was 2 years old. Calendulis Plus is the only product that has relieved the itching and rash. She has been using this cream for one year and can now sleep at night without waking constantly scratching and crying in discomfort.

I tell every one I know that has a child that suffers with Eczema so that they may have the relief my daughter now has because of the cream. Please do not stop making this wonderful product.

Karen D......Tasmania, Australia


.......I have suffered from psoriasis for the best part of my life.  I have had medical advice from specialists and have tried every product available.  All this to no avail.  This condition affects my hands.......

I was getting desperate until someone recommended Calendulis Plus cream.  I purchased a jar of this product and relief was almost immediate.  When I awoke the next morning I could not believe the difference, I had lost the itch and the redness had almost disappeared.

I use Calendulis Plus every morning after I shower and my hands show no signs (of) psoriasis.

I thoroughly recommend this treatment to any one who is a sufferer.

Colin H......Boonooroo Park, Qld.


........Firstly, let me thank you for such a great product. I was ready to cut my hands and feet off...well not quite but I had been suffering from the 12 December 2002, doctors giving me the run around could not give me anything that worked. Just seemed that nothing they gave me was working. Then by chance I found your product and all I can say is thank God.

This product was like a miracle. The change in my hands and feet after just 4 days was unbelievable. My partner could not believe the change.

I've given your product to a lot of people now and they also can't believe the change in their skin.

You have made my life so much better that I would have no hesitation in recommending your product to any one with skin problems so once again thank you so much.

Cathie J.......Concord, NSW


........Please find enclosed photos of my son's psoriasis before and after using Calendulis cream and bath oil. My son has been a sufferer of psoriasis since 1998 when he was 12 years old. Traditional medication only helped a little so we then used a herbal medication called ProPs. The ProPs did keep the condition under control. Then in July 2000 when my son was 14 years old he was diagnosed with cancer. While he was on chemotherapy for twelve months there was no sign of the psoriasis. A short time after the chemo stopped the psoriasis returned with a vengeance. Once again we were prescribed with the traditional medication of a tar based cream. This only helped a little. We then tried Calendulis Cream and Bath Oil with great success.

My son is now in remission from cancer and psoriasis in under control. We have found that if he stops using the cream and oil the psoriasis does start to return after two weeks. At the moment he is continually using the cream and oil and I would appreciate it if you would let me know if this is OK. We look forward to being able to purchase the cream and oil in larger quantities when they become available.

Karen H........New Lambton, NSW


eczema before traement
Before treatment

eczema after treatment
After Treatment


........I have had an eczema type rash on my face for the last two years.
I had tried acupuncture and dietary changes, including cutting out all wheat and dairy. My skin would improve for a while and then flair up again. I have spent so much money on a variety of creams all promising to be 'natural', Some would seem to work for a while, others would make my skin much worse. Finally, out of complete desperation, I went to a medical doctor (something I don't do very often!) and left with a tube of steroid cream, after the good doctor informed me that nothing else would work. The steroid cream did make the condition go away, but I hated using it, as it goes against all of my beliefs in natural healing. I knew I had to do something about it when I realised I was using the steroid cream almost weekly to keep the condition under 'control'.

I happened to be picking up a few items in "Mrs Flannery's" health food store in Annerley, Brisbane. I saw a product which claimed to help with the control of eczema and took it to the counter to ask a few questions about the ingredients. The shop attendant told me it was an okay cream, but that she had heard much better feedback from a product called 'Calendulis Plus Cream', made by your company. She went through the ingredients with me and although it was a little more expensive than the other product, I thought I'd give it a try. In my heart though, I held out little hope. I have a cupboard full of products and nothing had worked.

I am writing to thank you from the bottom of my heart, because my face is no longer bright red, scaly or itchy. From the first application of the cream, the itching was relieved. It has taken about 7 days, applying 3-4 times daily and now my skin is better than it has been in two years, since I first had the condition. The steroid cream is in the bin!

Lyndal G....Bulimba, Qld.


.........On the 18th October, 2001 my little eighteen month old grand-daughter fell into a bath of hot water resulting in third degree burns to her arms, legs and buttocks, plus second degree splashes on the chest and stomach. She was airlifted by helicopter to the Children's Westmead Hospital Burns Unit where her life hung in the balance for the first five days. Her recovery so far has been remarkable and my daughter and myself are doing all baths and treatments at home.

Four weeks ago on our weekly routine trip to the hospital I remarked to the staff that when we remove her pressure suit her skin falls out like lux flakes. Thinking this was the burnt skin tissue we applied more and more sorbaline cream only to be told by hospital staff that the skin was actually very bad eczema on top of the burns. So our brave little girl had a double whammy of the itch of the burns healing and the severe eczema. Chloe was forever scratching and irritable especially at night, to get up to her ten times a night was common place.

The hospital was all set to send us to a Dermatologist when my sister in Benowa saw your advert on television and jotted down details for me. I received the information in the post the next day and headed straight off to buy your bath oil and Calendulis Plus Cream. After a telephone call to you and a 'test patch' on Chloe's skin, we started her straight away with the bath and massage of the cream, she slept eleven hours straight that night and so did the whole family. We thought maybe it was a one off but she has continued to sleep so well, no incessant scratching and her skin looks so much better. No more 'flakes' falling out of her pressure suit and she actually looks forward to her bath and massage as if she knows it is going to make her feel better. The Dermatologist was 'postponed for now' due the good condition of her skin.

A bonus has been that my daughter (Chloe's mum) has had eczema on her hands for years and since she has been oil bathing Chloe and massaging the cream into her, her hands have cleared up except for one tiny patch. We are spreading the word as we know so many people with eczema problems.

Lynn H....Engadine, NSW


...........My father purchased a jar of Calendulis Plus Cream from you for my daughter and we have had good results considering she is still under two years old, it is great to be able to avoid the steroid I used to use. It was awful for her! Now, at times she is eczema free as long as we continue the cream at least twice a day.

Thank you so much for your product. It was awful to see our baby scratching and making her skin bleed and obviously quite distressed. Now she is able to go in the pool several times a week and still have reasonable skin. The only problem is, that sometimes her skin looks normal and then I forget her cream and she might only get it once a day. Then the eczema flares up a bit, but it's not too bad.

Thanks again.....Llewellyn J.W., Gunnedah, NSW.


(Some testimonials have been edited to preserve privacy of the author, and/or  in the interests of publication space.)

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