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Womens Day Article (Australia)

This article appeared in Womens Day Magazine May 17, 2004.

Womens Day, May 17, 2004Geoffs miracle cream banished eczema for ever.
Eczema covered my body from head to foot when I was just three months of age. The condition was so bad I was considered one of the worst reported cases in Victoria in 1969.  The scaly sores were red and inflamed, and virtually no part of my body was left free of them.
Naturally, when I saw my 14 month old son Ryan break out in the same feverish sores six years ago, I could do nothing but to discover a cure so he wouldnt have to suffer as I had done.
When I was a child, the only treatment was with cortisone injections. The anti-inflammatory doses eased the pain of the scaly skin disorder temporarily. But the side effects such as thinned, dry skin and before long Id be scratching just as much as ever. The only real relief was when my mum wrapped my limbs in plastic wrap to help my skin soak up the moisture in my sweat.
With the medical advances of the past 30 years, youd think that Ryan would have a better chance of effective treatment. But he was in a state just as bad as mine had been.
The poor little bloke broke out in sores from head to foot, and there was virtually nothing to be done except repeat that old plastic-wrap treatment.
I dont want Ryan to go through the ordeal I had to, I told my wife Shannon. So I began researching the topic. Searching the Internet and visiting the local library became an obsession. The pair of us were determined to make a breakthrough.
As one cause of eczema is that the body is lacks essential fatty acids, we decided to start experimenting with a cream that would ease the itch.
We used ingredients wed read about, and the advise of doctors and dermatologists. We used our kitchen blender to whiz up a concoction of Calendula, propolis, gotu kola, emu oil and manuka honey.
We smeared it on Ryans red raw skin, praying that the cream would take effect quickly. It did.
Sure we were on the right track; we soon had our product listed with the Therapeutic Goods Administration. But we didnt stop there. Treating the condition with a cream and a bath oil we had also developed was only part of the solution.
The next step was to find something that would give the body the missing fatty acids.
So once again I began researching this time into the internal effects of eczema and what was needed to fix it.
With the help of a manufacturer, we developed a digestible oil that was rich in Omega-3, 6 and 9, all of which are substances crucial to any person prone to suffering eczema.
After the cream had reduced Ryans itching, I put myself and him on to a course of our Mega Oil. I can proudly say neither of us has suffered an outbreak of the eczema since then and its been four long years!
I started this project to help Ryan and myself, but its turned out to be much bigger than that. Helping other people to find the same relief has now become my major goal.
To give you an idea of the degree of that relief, once when I was covered with eczema someone told me to stop scratching, saying Id only make matters worse. My heartfelt response was If you
can stop breathing, Ill stop scratching.
If you can imagine that pain, youll know why at the age of 35, I feel as if Ive discovered a wonder treatment.

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